"It is my hope that I can share with others the benefits I've realized and enjoyed from developing and utilizing the Utility Carryall. It will provide a needed lift and transport support for industries in agriculture, services, warehousing, landscaping, lawns, gardens, small and large acreage maintenance and many other areas where lift and transport support is a requirement."

Woody Bates - Designer

"I purchased my Utility Carryall in 2006 and the more I use it, the more uses I find for it. I don't take it off the front loader."

Bob Stanton, Chilliwack, BC

"I recently had the opportunity to put a prototype carry-all through its paces - and was impressed. The deck is quite sturdy with side fencing. The fencing is ideal for keeping stacked material in place during transit, and can also be removed for the transportation of larger objects.

For nursery operations, the carry-all could be very helpful, not only in transporting nursery stock, but also to carry supplies to the site. Along with a loader full of potting media, the carry-all can serve as a portable potting bench practically at any site at our operation.

The first use of the carry-all at the University was to aid in the removal of fencing around one of the campus green-houses. Transporting the heavy posts was easy, and it was great for stacking large quantities of thorny shrubs too. We were able to transport 1375lb of paving stones and paver sand in one load, saving many man-hours of work."

Brent Bailey, Agriculture Technician, UFV