Bates Gate and Door Latch

The Bates Gate and Door Latch is a traditional device with a new, simple design that you can count on. It's verstaile, user friendly, and is fabricated from a solid piece of high quality steel with no screws or spot welding, making it strong and reliable.

Durable and Attractive

Made from a solid piece of high quality steel, the Bates Gate and Door Latch is powder-coated to last. Its horseshoe shaped handle is the only welded connection, and it functions easily in cold and icy conditions. It's easy to install and operate, and just as easy to lock and unlock.

There are heavy latches for large and medium sized animals requiring added security measures for doors and gates in and outside barns. The larger latches are great for corrals, pastures, driveways and fields in crops.

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This latch has been patented in both the USA and Canada due to its unique design and smooth operation. It is great for your security needs and is a lifetime investment.

The latches are easy to install, and can be used on the left or right sides of doors and gates. They're maintenance free and made to last!

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