Designed through experience...

Over the years I have developed the Utility Carryall into an efficient, safe, and reliable tool with dependable structural features you can count on.

The Carryall's story begins in 1947 on a small farm in Indiana where I was raised. After using our brand new Ford tractor with a rear 3pt hydraulic lift, I began to toy with the idea of improvising a platform affixed to the 3pt hitch to haul firewood for our cook stove.

Through a trial and error process I developed a contraption made of plywood, boards and plumbing pipe held together with clamps and bailing wire.

In 1963 I designed and fabricated the first Utility Carryall with a multiple adjusting coupling system to provide dependable performance on front-loaders and the rear 3pt hitch on utility farm tractors.

I have continued to make improvements including versatile adjusting rails and coupling units that slide 22" to the right and left so that the Carryall can be aligned with the varying widths of coupling devices on front loader lift arms and tilting cylinders.

Fabrication of industrial rated conventional and quick coupling receptacle units introduced a means for utilizing the carryall on skid steer and industrial tractors

Today's Carryall comes in 4 sizes, with two types of front coupling devices that can fit the varying widths of front loader lift arms. It can also be affixed to the rear 3pt hitch that is standard on farm tractors. At this time, any requirements for H/P ratings above the UC-230 will be a custom order to fit those particular needs.

You won't believe what you can accomplish with a Carryall, so try one today!